If you have any information that you can share for those classmates that we have not yet been able to locate, please use this CONTACT US link and pass it along.


Otherwise, use the "TELL A FRIEND" link at the bottom of the HOME page to send them information about this website.

Please check this page periodically as names are added to the list when "returned" mail is received.
     (The classmates that we have been unable to locate are listed alphabetically by maiden name)
          - A -
Carolyn Atkinson Petteway

          - B -
Gay Barwick
Jerry Bellis
Katie Best
Keith Britt

          - C -
Valentia Clark
Dexter Clemons
Patricia Cobb
Quinton Cox
Ronald Eugene Crisp

          - D -
Andrea Daniels Leggett
Anita Daniels 
James Daniels
Ondra Daniels
Mary Ann Davis
Robert Davis
Michael Dixon

          - E -
Allen Elder
Casper Evans
Johnny Evans

          - F -
Katherine Forbes

         - G -
Dawn Marie Garver
Susie Glisson

          - H -
Daphne House

          - J -
Debra Ann Jenkins
Melvin Johnson

          - K -
Sam King

          - L -
Bobbie La Monica
Annice Lane
Kevin Laughinghouse

          - M - 
Jimmy Maye
Kerry Mooney
Angela Moore
Gloria Moore
Wesley Alan Moore

          - N -
Robert Northup

          - O -
Margie Osborne

          - P 
Ivy Pilkington

Edward Price
Willie Purvis

          - R -
Betty Reaves
Sonia Roberson

          - S -
Adrienne Carol Scott
Alvin Sheppard 
Timmie Singleton
Linda Smith
Cynthia Spellman
Janice Staton
Paul Stocks
Harvey Lee Suggs

          - T -
Betty Tremble

          - V -

         - W -
Linda Faye Williams
Bettie Jean Wilson
Joseph Lee Wilson