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Joy Clark
Home Business Married 5
3/17/2009  Okay, finally updated, yes, Jimmy and I are married.  Looking forward to seeing everyone for our 50th birthday.

6/2007 Can't wait to see everyone. I'll be bringing my new, old boyfriend with me.  Jimmy Purser and I have been "dating" again after 30 years.  Who'd have thunk?? See ya'll real soon.
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Ken Clark
Merck Pharmaceuticals-Operations support Single
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Jim Clement
October 31, 1958 Owner, Clement Companies Insurance Married 2
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edna Barnhill (Clemons)
Profile picture
October 01, 1958 registered nurse Committed Relationship 2
hi everyone so good to see names and faces of people i went to school with , doing well, glad to be here, thank god for everything in my life Send edna a MessageSend edna a Message
John Coffman
Owner-Coffman's Mens Wear Married 2
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Mark Conway
Financial Advisor Married 7

I think we have a GREAT Class and am looking forward to seeing everyone. All we really need is Greg Lassiter and Jimmy Langley to be there and then we have a real party.

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Sylvia Walston (Cooper)
September 09, 1959 Real Estate Broker Married 3
Class of 1977. I am so glad to see everyone that was on the site. At this point in our lives memories are important. when I came on this site it made my day and it made me think of yester Years. I am still married to my husband of 32 years we have 3 children and 2 grand children we moved back to greenville after being gone for 20 years. We started a new ministry on 108 Gum Rd. Greenville. Plse visit us one Sunday morning at 11:00am.
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cheryl gardner (cox)
September 23, 1959 retired 2
Scott Creech
March 10, 1959 Business Owner Married 1
Life is grand! Best wishes to everyone! Thank you Kathy for all your Work!...which I bet is fun too!

Will not make it to the 35th reunion! Have a Pepsi or Fresca for me!
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Gregory Dail
January 21, 1959 mailcarrier Married 4
 Life does change.  You have to take the good with the bad. God tests us through 
our lives.  As I have learned, you can only count on tomorrow and never accept that you'll be here in the future.  I am married
and have 4 children ages from 14 to 4.
Lost one child to a drunk driver in 1997.
As I remember her, I never ask for much and I am always thankful that there may be a tomorrow.  Miss everyone!
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