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Catherine (Kathy) Braxton (Childree)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Administrative/Music Assistant & Owner/Operator of the LV Studio of Voice Married 3

Married to an awesome man (Tim Childree), I have 3 sons, (28, 26 and 21 years old.) All of whom are also very passionate about music and the arts.  My life is pretty busy these days.  But never to busy for my family. I currently serve full-time at North Highland Church as an Assistant in Administration/IT-WebDesign and in Music-Fine Arts (over 16 years now). 

I also own and operate Let's Vocalize (a local studio of voice) evenings and weekends.  For over 30 years now I've coached vocalists, groups as well as directed choirs. My primary desire is to inspire, encourage, equip, educate and challenge them utilizing that which I have acquired over the years... Igniting in them the passion to be excellent in what they do.  I continue to sing (and speak) at churches, prisons, women's fellowships, and other social and community events. 

Thanks for this site.  It's great.  Feel free to connect with me on facebook at
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Joy Clark
Home Business Married 5
3/17/2009  Okay, finally updated, yes, Jimmy and I are married.  Looking forward to seeing everyone for our 50th birthday.

6/2007 Can't wait to see everyone. I'll be bringing my new, old boyfriend with me.  Jimmy Purser and I have been "dating" again after 30 years.  Who'd have thunk?? See ya'll real soon.
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Ken Clark
Merck Pharmaceuticals-Operations support Single
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Jim Clement
October 31, 1958 Owner, Clement Companies Insurance Married 2
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John Coffman
Owner-Coffman's Mens Wear Married 2
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Mark Conway
Financial Advisor Married 7

I think we have a GREAT Class and am looking forward to seeing everyone. All we really need is Greg Lassiter and Jimmy Langley to be there and then we have a real party.

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Sylvia Walston (Cooper)
September 09, 1959 Real Estate Broker Married 3
Class of 1977. I am so glad to see everyone that was on the site. At this point in our lives memories are important. when I came on this site it made my day and it made me think of yester Years. I am still married to my husband of 32 years we have 3 children and 2 grand children we moved back to greenville after being gone for 20 years. We started a new ministry on 108 Gum Rd. Greenville. Plse visit us one Sunday morning at 11:00am.
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cheryl gardner (cox)
September 23, 1959 retired 2
Scott Creech
March 10, 1959 Business Owner Married 1
Life is grand! Best wishes to everyone! Thank you Kathy for all your Work!...which I bet is fun too!

Will not make it to the 35th reunion! Have a Pepsi or Fresca for me!
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Gregory Dail
January 21, 1959 mailcarrier Married 4
 Life does change.  You have to take the good with the bad. God tests us through 
our lives.  As I have learned, you can only count on tomorrow and never accept that you'll be here in the future.  I am married
and have 4 children ages from 14 to 4.
Lost one child to a drunk driver in 1997.
As I remember her, I never ask for much and I am always thankful that there may be a tomorrow.  Miss everyone!
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