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Dawn Daniels
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Manager of Project Management Office Committed Relationship 1
Just recently took a new position with the University of New Hampshire and made a big move north.  Life is certainly an adventure!
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jasper daniels
July 27, 1959 Retired - U.S. Department of State Married 3
I may have RSVP'd earlier but wasn't sure. Send jasper a MessageSend jasper a Message
Jasper R. Daniels
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U.S. Department of State - Foreign Service Married 3

Ok. I didn't make the last and it now appears that I will be hard-pressed to make the 50th bash celebration!  I frequently visit the Web site so even though my family and I are not there, we are there!

Oh, Check out the new photo of my wife and I in Milan, Italy.  We recently spent time there and got to visit several Cathedrals and other historical sites.

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Shirley Johnson (Davenport)
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Clincial Social Worker-Psychotherapist Married
Aloha Everyone! It was great to have seen all of you at the 50th Birthday Bash. Thank you for celebrating your 50th birthday with me; Making my birthday the best ever. 

Thanks for being receptive to the Hawaiian Chant and Dance. I really loved performing for you. Hats off to the Committee members, you did a wonderful job on the party.

Lots of Love and Aloha from the Tradewinds State.  I hope that we will continue to use it to keep in touch.  I am already looking forward to seeing everyone in 2012.  Fondly,
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Timothy Durham
October 20, 1959 Letter Carrier USPS Married 1
Life has been good. God is great. Have been very blessed in my life. Have a wonderful family, great health and good friends. Will try to make the next reunion. Haven't been to Greenville in years. Hope to hear from some of my classmates in the future. God bless to all. Send Timothy a MessageSend Timothy a Message
Charles R. Edwards
Married 2
looking forward to attending this year Send Charles R. a MessageSend Charles R. a Message
Neil Elks
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Retired Married 4

Had a ball, great time, good seeing everybody...

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Stuart Elks
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Tammara Levey (Estes)
February 08, 1959 Scientist Married 1
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Jane Farley
November 25, 1958 Office manager Single 2
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