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Donna Hopkins (Goff)
June 22, 1959 Housewife Married 2
Hello everyone.  Sure has been a long time since I've seen alot of you. Life has been really good to me and I am a proud Nanna of a three year old boy.  He is the joy of my life. I know alot of you have grandchildren and they are wonderful. I think back when we were younger and wonder how I could be so blessed with what I have.  I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters.  I've been dealt a hand believe me, but the grace of God we servived it. I am really looking forward to seeing all of you @ the reunion and I am still the same person only better. Take care everyone........ Send Donna a MessageSend Donna a Message
Don Golden
Commercial Refrigeration Instructor at Martin Community College Married 2
Everyone who put this web page together Thanks.
Yall have done a great job. It is kind of weird, I teach at Martin Community College. My wife Denise and me run a tool store.( ReTool) Lots of fun. Come by and see us. Hope to see yall soon.
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Eva Pittman (Gouge)
November 16, 1959 Married
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Eva Pittman (Gouge)
November 16, 1959 whatever Married
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Brenda Pollard (Grant)
Former Medical Office Administrator Married 1
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Selene Wheless (Gwaltney)
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Practice Mgr. Rural Health Group Roanoke Rapids Married 3
���� The last few years have been very busy for me in Asheville.� I�got married in April to a wonderful man I dated in college.� My daughters are all doing well--Bridget (27), Heather (25) and Ashley (23).� I also have two grandchildren--Dakota (4) and Cole (4)--no they are not twins.
���� I'm looking forward to the next reunion.� Thanks to everyone involved in planning the reunions and keeping us connected.
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Jacqueline Cox (Hailstock )
July 23, 1959 Pastor/ Military Social Worker Married 2
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Muriel Flanagan (Haines)
December 03, 1958 Instructional Designer Married 1
I live in Ayden and just recently married Brian Haines.  I can't express how happy I am to have married such a wonderful man!  I work at Vidant Health in the Clinical Informatics Department as an Instructional Designer and do lots of techie stuff for the Information Systems Department too.  I have been back here for 5 years now, and it's wonderful to be able to spend time with my Mom and brother and his family.

My son James lives with us and our three cats.  Brian is Manager of Operations at Belk in Greenville, and we both work like crazy!  We are all very happy and it has been a long road to get there - but it all worked out.  We are both looking forward to the reunion - it should be a blast!
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Stephanie Hall
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July 20, 1959 Flight Attendant American Airlines Divorced 2
Stilll living in Cary and waiting for a visit from my HS classmates. So far, NO ONE!!! I know you guys have to leave Greenville sometime.
You are always welcome!!
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Patricia Taylor (Heath)
Childcare Teacher Married 6
I hope to see everyone at our 50th birthday bash. Sorry didn't get a chance to make it to the reunion. It has been a long time. I have 3 boys of my own. The oldest is 30, 23,  and 9.  My husband has 3 also. Two girls and one boy. We have a total of 3 grandchildren. One girl and 2 boys. Send Patricia a MessageSend Patricia a Message
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