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Bobby Kim
Pediatrician Married 2
Wish I could be there with you guys!  Have a terrific time and I'll catch you the next go-round!  The website above is for work--I'm too lazy, I mean, uh, BUSY, yeah yeah too BUSY to have a personal one.  And no, I don't really look like that anymore--it's an old picture.  Nowadays I look more like the Sta-Puf Marshamallow Man, but who'd bring their kids to me if I put up a picture wearing that dorky hat? Send Bobby a MessageSend Bobby a Message
Don Lancaster
Owner Carolina Concierge and Courier 1
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Greg Lassiter
business owner Married
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Britt Laughinghouse
President - Bostic Sugg Furniture Single 1
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David Lautares
Married 1
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John Lawler
Profile picture
Profile picture
December 16, 1958 absent minded Professor Married 2
 Hey y'all,

I really I wish we could be there for the 35th! Have a great time - Thanks to Kathy, Selene & co. for setting up the site and getting in contact.  The pictures from the reunions and everyone look great!  Sid seems particularly well "preserved!"

I met my wife Lynn in Louisiana, but she grew up more in Texas than Louisiana.  We lived in Florida fo awhile, then off to Texas over 20 years ago.

We're doing well here in the heart of Texas.  College Station has been a wonderful place to raise kids, and has that small town feel Greenville had.  I attempt to keep the Aggies straight and do some research when I can -   guess I turned out to be the mad scientist of the group!  My daughter's a Frosh at Texas A&M and we've both barely survived - she's thinking about Pharmacy School.  Matthew plays trumpet in the HS jazz band and starting to ponder college (cha-ching!)...back to work on money raising!

If ya'll are ever by this way, give me a holler!
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Kyndell Gallopes (Little)
June 17, 1959 Single Again
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Wendy Phillips (Little)
Widowed 1
Hello classmates!! Just a little bit about myself: I have 1 daughter Anna House who is married to Bobby House and they have blessed me with 1 granddaughter Hadley who calls me GaGa!! There is nothing sweeter!! My husband Tom Little passed away on August 9, 2021, we were married 27 years as of August 6, 2021!! I'm now living with my daughter, son-in-law and my precious granddaughter, I love living with them but I miss Tommy so much!!  Send Wendy a MessageSend Wendy a Message
Mary BROWN (Lovett)
FAMILY Married 3
Hopefully my husband and I will be able to attend the 30th class reunion. My mother continue to live in Greenville, so I go to Greenville on a regular bases. I have seen very few of our classmates. Going through the list of the names of classmates brought back many memories. I been married to the same person for almost 29 years. I could complain, but I won't. Send Mary a MessageSend Mary a Message
Mary Mattheis
Eldercare Divorced 2
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